Phil Thomson | #FridayProfile

Having recently retired from the law, Phil made a career change to become CEO and co-founder of Eyedentify, an Auckland startup with 10 staff that is working with retailers and Police to prevent crime. Eyedentify provides retailers and the Police with a cloud-based platform that enables effective information sharing and real-time intelligence to assist with the prevention and reduction of retail crime.

1. Most memorable show/event/concert and why?
I would have to tip my hat to Justin Timberlake’s 2007 concert at Vector. The combination of sensational music, dancing, videos, and light show, made it an amazing night. A close second would be Coldplay at Mt Smart Stadium.

2. You have $50 in your pocket on a Friday night out – where would you go?
$50 doesn’t get you much these days, but I am a big fan of spontaneous nights out. I would take my $50, combine it with a few friends’ $50, and start the night at Xuxu for some red wine, cocktails, and dumplings. Then I will let the night take us (likely to any number of the Britomart bars).

3. If you were to produce/create a show, what would it be about?
I would bring the 5 Step Up movies to life in a Broadway musical. Get your head around that.

4. Favourite piece of art/object/rock? 
One of the more famous and well-defined rocks of our generation, I would have to give my vote to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. While having a similar acting ability to that of Ayers Rock, his versatility of roles makes him my choice.

5. One sentence to describe the arts, culture, and events scene in AKL?
Similar to that of a first year uni student - young and inexperienced, but with a passion to do some great things.