Hi! Never been to a Revue before?

Here is a quick video to explain a bit more about what a Revue actually is.

Great, now you know what a Revue is!

Does this sound like you..

You’ve just started working after study and the reality of full time employment is hitting hard.  How’s that work/life balance going? We’re here to save you!

We know you’re looking for a creative outlet. Maybe you’re an actor, or a dancer or you think you’re pretty funny after a few beersies? Or you’re none of the above, and you’re just looking to meet a great bunch of people? Perfect! 

We’re looking for directors, writers, choreographers and band members, along with a whole bunch of other great performers.  Or not-so-great performers.  If you can hold things, pick up things and say things, you’re perfect for us.  You could be your typical type-A overachiever that plays eight instruments and had a minor speaking role on Shortland Street that one time.  Or you could be someone who’s still waiting to find out what their talent is - either way, we want you!.

Come join The Revue!   

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