The Revue 2017: Last Call

In the aftermath of the best party ever, a group of bewildered mates try and piece together their night. What was in those drinks? Did I accidentally snapchat my boss? And most importantly, where the hell is Jen?!?


About The Revue 2017

This year’s cast is performing a jam packed show at SKYCITY Theatre that is guaranteed to make you laugh. Featuring dancing, singing and a liberal dose of edgy humor, our cast have been hard at work, writing and rehearsing to make “Last Call” the best Revue yet.  So sit back, grab a glass of wine and brace yourself for the best party you never knew you had!

Directed by the talented team of Shuchi Ghosh, Alysha Jensen and Shawn Moodie and featuring a cast made up entirely of young professionals who combine wit, social commentary and jazz hands to create a truly epic show.

The Cast 2017

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