the revue: game of homes

3 & 4 October | ASB Waterfront Theatre

In this grief stricken world of 2019, millennials suffer an abundance of first world problems and are still locked out of the housing market. From flat phone batteries to chipping a nail, to dropping their iPhone 12X in the toilet while scrolling on Instagram.

An unexpected auction leads two families, the bogan Starks and spoilt Lannisters, to scramble for control over the last affordable house in Auckland. All while an ancient enemy threatens to return from across the sea.

When you play the game of homes, you win, or you continue renting... I guess.

Directed by the talented team of Shawn Moodie, Oliver Smith, Hannah Rolfe and Grace Chua with a cast made up entirely of young professionals from around Auckland who combine wit, social commentary and jazz hands to create a truly epic show. Featuring dancing, singing and a liberal dose of edgy humor, we’re hard at work, writing and rehearsing to make “Game of Homes”.

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