The Revue 2017: Last Call

In the aftermath of the best party ever, a group of bewildered mates try and piece together their night. What was in those drinks? Did I accidentally snapchat my boss? And most importantly, where the hell is Jen?!?


About The Revue 2017

The cast performed a jam packed show at SKYCITY Theatre. Featuring dancing, singing and a liberal dose of edgy humor, our cast were hard at work, writing and rehearsing to make “Last Call”.  It was the best party you never knew you had!

Directed by the talented team of Shuchi Ghosh, Alysha Jensen and Shawn Moodie and featuring a cast made up entirely of young professionals who combine wit, social commentary and jazz hands to create a truly epic show.

Our 2017 Cast and Crew

Thank you to our 2017 sponsors