Georgina Townley

What's your day job?
University Student/Store Manager at Coast New Zealand

Any wise words for Yo Pros interested in doing Revue next year?
Don't worry about how bad your Dad jokes are or can't sing to save yourself (hello me) or if you have two left feet. You will, at the very least, make the coolest, most eclectic, supportive and crazy group of friends, learn some groovy dance moves and have an opportunity to expand your acting, comedic and skit writing skills. Oh and prepare to say adiós to your weekends. Who needs free time anyway?

Any hidden talents?
I speak Spanish, can name all 196 countries in the world in under 8 minutes (last I checked), and I can do the worm?

Whats your favorite thing about being involved with the Revue so far?
I can get my groove on several days a week! I love the collaborative nature of the Revue. Everyone has skills and capabilities to contribute - some that they don't even realise they have, and everyone's ideas are valued. Oh and the banter is top notch.

You have $50 on your pocket and it's Friday night, what do you do?
I'd grab a cheap bottle of wine and head to a BYO on K Road, then head to the Basement Theatre's late night comedy improv show Snort for $12, and dance the night away at the Mexican cafe's Salsa night (free admission)