Emily Joshua

What's your day job?
Business Sales Support Neighbourly.co.nz

Any wise words for Yo Pros interested in doing Revue next year?
Sign up. Don't even think about it, it puts you out of your comfort zone but don't quit. This is a no judgement zone where people just love meeting new people and love you and all your quirks. Become a part of the family and be open to getting to know people. It boosts your confidence and morale in all other areas of your life! Cheesy but true.

Any hidden talents?

  • I secretly like to think I am a rapper.
  • I would say I am pretty good at archery (used to be an instructor)
  • Can sing quite well in the shower

Whats your favorite thing about being involved with the Revue so far?
Meeting all the new friends and learning to laugh at myself

What you do on Friday night with $50?
I would go to a BYO in the CBD and then Snort at the Basement theatre (improvised comedy show) - so many laughs to be had!