Carbolic Productions is the brainchild of Sunil Nathu and Niven Prasad, two Auckland lawyers who in 2011 were looking for a creative outlet for young professionals such as themselves.  Having experienced firsthand the pressures of working as graduates, they saw the importance of maintaining a work/life balance, and fostering relationships and networks among people their age. 

Realising that they couldn’t sing, dance or write particularly well, Sunil and Niven enlisted the help of their infinitely more talented friends in order to create the Auckland Lawyer’s Revue in 2011. 

After three successful years, and brimming with overconfidence, Niven and Sunil opened the The Revue up to people in other industries outside the legal field, with the goal of creating a space in which young professionals could meet each other, work together and have a creative outlet in the first years of their career.  

No longer quite as young, or quite as professional, Sunil and Niven incorporated Carbolic Productions in 2014, which is an organisation dedicated to fostering collegiality among professionals through art, culture and events.  With a broad scope, and an innovative approach, Carbolic Productions is a posterchild for the marriage between young professionals and creativity. 

Carbolic Productions also understands the unique appeal of corporate buzzwords that have no real meaning, so it’s also really committed to synergy, developing core competencies and increasing buy-in, whatever those things mean.