Shuchi Ghosh: Director

What's your day job?
Manager, Transaction Tax at EY

Any wise words for Yo Pros interested in doing Revue next year?
Just do it! 

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain - meeting a happy, fun bunch of people (instant mates!), a cool life experience you'll never forget (how many times have you performed in front of 1400 people?!) and so many great memories!

Any hidden talents?
An ability to laugh in the most awkward situations, including funerals...especially funerals. 

I can also pull out an Indian accent that I wasn't born with (scares the crap out of my colleagues!)....does that count?

Whats your favorite thing about being involved with the Revue so far?
It's got to be the people! I love everyone in Revue, they are all kind, fun, funny people, who are just there to create something great in their spare time! None of us are the "9-5, then sit on the couch until bedtime" types of people, as evidenced by this crazy desire to give up months of our lives to put on a comedy show for our mates, colleagues and the general public!

I love seeing the confidence of the cast and crew grow, from everyone who walks in to the first Meet and Greet drinks event, to the first few Revue parties as they get to know each other, to the awkward dance practices...right through to seeing their faces after they smash their performances on stage! Honestly, nothing in the world compares to that feeling.

What you do on Friday night with $50?
Haha, at this stage of the Revue journey - to bed! 

On a normal Friday night - start with after work drinks in the Britomart area ($0 if the boss is paying... bargain!), followed by a BYO dinner somewhere cheap and cheerful ($30) or a night at home with UberEats and a bottle of wine ($30). Either way it usually always ends with a group of Revue peeps paying a late night visit to somewhere in Ponsonby for a dancey dance ($20 for drinkies) and a stumble home ($0)!