Russell Stevenson AKA Stevo

What's your day job?
Aircraft Maintainer at RNZAF

Any wise words for Yo Pros interested in doing Revue next year?
Do it! The one thing that everyone who does the show has in common is they are not professional actors. We range from students to lawyers to military personnel. Everyone does it for fun and to meet people and that's pretty much guaranteed. Its also a chance to grow and learn some things that may help you in the future.

Any hidden talents?
I relive and win arguments in my head most mornings when im getting ready for work.

Making memes. Spellling.

Whats your favorite thing about being involved with the Revue so far?
The companionship during and especially after the show. Also the jokes. So many ideas are goos bur dint make it into the show. Being cast means you get to see them all.

What you do on Friday night with $50?
To the TAB and would put it on the Hurricanes. Then I would have 80 dollars to play with. With that I would get two front row seats to the Revue. Every girl's been asked to the movies. Be the guy who asks her to the theatre.