James McGeorge

James is passionate about helping people solve problems and succeed with their goals so it’s fitting that he works in KPMG’s private business strategy team helping to develop strategies for growth and success.

In this week’s #FridayProfile James explains the cheeseburger reference and provides some words of wisdom on life as a yo pro. 

What is your role in The Revue lead team?

I’m the NZ-based producer of the show (the godfather of the show is the other producer, now based in London). I manage sponsorship and provide the platform for the directors to put together a bloody good show with our awesome cast and crew

Why are you doing The Revue?

It’s my fifth straight year being involved...I guess I’m just addicted and/or they can’t get rid of me! It’s all about having fun being funny and it’s really satisfying to create something with such a positive group of like-minded people - some of the best networking and friendships come out of doing the Revue

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally and how did you overcome it?

The stresses of being part of a small company that experienced a big surge of growth followed by a downturn. The key ways to work through this were to focus efforts on what I could control or change, and doing my best at that while keeping perspective

Dream Job?

There’s no one particular role, but for me it involves doing something you love with a great team that helps people and makes a difference.

What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?

I once embodied a cheeseburger in a music video filmed in the domain - so many awkward moments with tourists and kids wanting pictures quite apart from the lasting result on YouTube...

What piece of advice could you give to yourself in your first year of work?

Don’t worry too much about being up all night to make money, just make the most of every opportunity to learn and develop relationships.