Shawn Moodie | #FridayProfile

Meet Shawn Moodie, Digital Communications Advisor at the New Zealand Human Rights Commission.

In addition to handling all things digital at the NZHRC, Shawn sits on the board of a charity, hosts a podcast and manages an entertainment review site. 

Read on for banana related puns and #shamelessplugs for The Revue 2017

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Either a space cowboy or Batman. While neither are currently in my short-term plans one can always hope.

You have $50 in your pocket on a Friday night out – where would you go?

If I’m not off reviewing something, I’d start with a few after-work drinks at Sweatshop Brew Kitchen ($10 a glass) – mostly to check out their awesome live band ‘The Beat Council. I’d then head to the Fed for their ‘late shift’ menu, specifically the lemon meringue pie ($11).  After that I’d pop in to The Classic’s ‘Late & Live’ comedy show ($15) which happens every Friday and features a mix of top Kiwi comics and up-and-comers. A solid night with a few dollars to spare.

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally and how did you overcome it?

Put simply - taking on too many things. I’ve always enjoyed keeping myself busy and getting stuck into the nitty gritty of projects, but as I’ve moved more into management I’ve had to learn to prioritise and go against my perfectionist nature by letting things go. Many would argue I haven’t come close to accomplishing this yet. 

Who is your greatest inspiration?

Mum and Dad. They accomplished the herculean task of being able to put up with my BS for all these years. True inspirations. 

If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?

A banana. It just peels right.

If you liked that joke, you’ll love the Revue. If you don’t find banana jokes that a-peeling, come along anyway and heckle us.