James Capel | #FridayProfile

Meet James, a Digital Workshop Team Leader at SmartLeader Apps. He came to NZ for a six week internship after backpacking through Asia and Australia.  Nearly two years later and he still hasn't left!

On the surface James is a typical gin swigging Brit but we got to know James a little better.

Favourite place in NZ

Henderson Bay up in the Northlands, always love a bit of Queenstown though.

Biggest challenge you’ve faced professionally and how you overcame it?

Becoming a team leader; having to role model excellence and be accountable for other peoples work.  There’s no substitute for trying, failing and learning as much as you can.  

If you were a vegetable what would you be?

cucumber because I’m best enjoyed with a glass of gin.

Any hidden talents?

No, all my talents are out for show!