Delia Cormack, Tom Simcock & Jonathan Lewis | #FridayProfile

Delia Cormack, Tom Simcock and Jonathan Lewis are moonlighting theatre producers - lawyers by day, scheming and creating their next theatrical projects by night. Delia and Tom currently work as solicitors at Bell Gully and Jonny works as a barrister at Richard Pidgeon Barrister.

Their current project is One Night Stand, a fast and furious play festival where teams have 24 hours to write, produce and perform original 10 minute plays. Think 48 Hour Film Fest, but half the time and on the stage.These guys are producing their show for the love of theatre and the Auckland cultural and arts scene, and are putting the show together out of their own pockets. If you'd like to support this show, check out One Night Stand on, going live on Monday. 

One Night Stand kicks off from 5 – 7 March 2015 at The Basement. Tickets are available at


1.Most memorable show/event/concert and why?
Delia: Seeing Miranda Harcourt’s Verbatim performed to a unit of 60 men at Otago Corrections Facility last year. The most charged and palpable connection I’ve seen between actor and audience. Such a privilege to share that experience with those men.
Tom: Probably Silo Theatre’s production of Angels in America last year. It was powerful, passionate, and there was heaps of full frontal nudity. It was wonderful.
Jonny: Don Giovanni. Mainly because they light him on fire at the end. 

2. You have $50 in your pocket on a Friday night out in Auckland – where would you go?
Delia: to the supermarket to buy delicious ingredients for dinner with friends at someone’s place followed by either some wine at Gypsy Tea Room or sweaty, dancing fun at Portland Public House.
Tom: To Mamak in the Chancery for some amazing Malaysian food then to the Basement Theatre to watch Snort, a brilliant improv comedy show.
Jonny: Dinner, a show and a sunset at Silo Park outdoor theatre and night markets.

3. The big trend/fad of 2015 will be:
Delia: Fermented everything.
Tom: Hats with neck flaps.
Jonny: Magic Eye Business Cards.

4. Favourite piece of art/object/rock?
Delia: 'The Kiss' by Klimt
Tom: Jonny drew a picture of a chicken wearing a suit the other day. I thought that was pretty cool.
Jonny: That was supposed to be an insult Tom. Any painting by Peter Siddell.

5. One sentence to describe the arts, culture, and events scene in Auckland?
Delia: An incredible community, full of life and lots of love!
Tom: It’s like a blossoming cherry tree, colourful and surging with new energy. Auckland, where the show never stops. Sorry, that was two sentences. Three now. Four. Sorry.
Jonny: It is booming and it has so many hidden gems and it is easily accessible for audiences and inclusive for artists and highly receptive to change and supporting new ideas and in my opinion mounts a serious challenge to Wellington as the cultural capital of New Zealand and it's great that more and more people are taking advantage of what Auckland has to offer. Nailed it.