Rahul Mehta | #FridayProfile

Rahul Mehta is an engineer by trade and is passionate about technology and exploring new ideas to improve current ways of doing things. Rahul currently works in technology and commercial strategy for Spark Ventures, which is the start-up business unit of Spark New Zealand. Rahul also co-founded Clarke Mosby Mehta, a telecommunications consultancy providing consultancy services to regulators and telecommunications operators.

Rahul is currently the chair of the IEEE NZ North Young Professionals group, a group that represents young technical professionals and organises professional development events in Auckland. Rahul is also a member of the Asia NZ Leadership Network. He loves playing cricket and golf and enjoys traveling to new places.

1. Most memorable show/event/concert and why?
A Cirque du Soleil show I saw in Las Vegas a few years ago. I remember being blown away by the awesome performance and acrobatics, and to top it off it was Vegas!

2. You have $50 in your pocket on a Friday night out in Auckland – where would you go?
Have a couple of drinks in town with some friends. Ponsonby and Britomart are always handy.

3. If you were to produce/create a show, what would it be about?
Never contemplated this so I’ll have to get back to you on this. Not sure if I want to give you my creative production ideas though, you’ll beat me to creating a show on it!

4. Favourite piece of art/object/rock?
Never really been a big fan of art so I’ll go for the rock here – I’m always awestruck to see pictures of places on Earth taken from space. Reveals the sheer beauty of this planet and how lucky we are to live here!

5. One sentence to describe the arts, culture, and events scene in Auckland?
It has improved significantly in recent times.

6. Your pick for the Cricket World Cup?
Black Caps all the way!