Mark Colley | #FridayProfile

Mark is the co-founder of Konstruct Limited. Formed in 2006, Konstruct is one of New Zealand's leading suppliers of printed apparel and promotional products. When not working on Konstruct, Mark is a part-time commercial IT legal counsel for Westpac New Zealand Limited. It is an exciting time in the banking industry as technology continues to revolutionise the way consumers interact with banking products.

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1. Most memorable show/event/concert and why?
This would have to be the Catlins River Festival in Otago back in 2013. Just an absolute blast of a weekend, stuck in the middle of nowhere with no cellphone reception and nothing to do but have a great time.

2. You have $50 in your pocket on a Friday night out in Auckland – where would you go?
I'm a reasonably recent convert to the Mexico bandwagon so I would probably start out there in Ponsonby for some good food before heading down to Ponsonby Workingmen's Club where a good friend is the manager. Good music with

3. If you were to produce/create a show, what would it be about?
Satire about the absurdities of New Zealand politics and media.

4. Favourite piece of art/object/rock?
I was in a bar in Montreal last year and saw a piece of art by a local illustrator, Fred Jourdain. I liked it so much I now have a framed print in my room.

5. One sentence to describe the arts, culture, and events scene in Auckland?
Surprisingly diverse and exciting; we actually do have it all.