Hayden, Jessica, Jacob & Richard | #FridayProfile

This week we profile the four directors at the creative helm of The Professionals' Revue. All four are young solicitors from different firms and lead a diverse group to put together the stage show; an extravaganza of skits, dances, and general hilarity featuring a cast, crew, and band comprised entirely of young professionals from around Auckland with special guest comedians from The Classic. 

Carbolic Productions is also proud to produce The Professionals' Revue and be associated with this funky bunch of inventive minds. 


We put the not so difficult questions to Jessica O'Connell from Buddle Findlay, Jacob Barry from Meredith Connell, Richard Bracefield from Simpson Grierson and Hayden Reyngoud from Minter Ellison Rudd Watts.

Why should someone go watch The Professionals' Revue? 
Jess - It'll be a hoot! But don't take my word for it… come see for yourself. 
Jake - Best amateur sober dancing you may ever see.
Rich - Because it’s simply an awesome show - something for everyone and a highlight event for each year. Don't miss it! 
Hayds - Because they’d be risking serious FOMO if they don’t! Three nights only!

What is your favourite live show ever?
Jess - Avenue Q, closely followed by Angels in America and Wicked.
Jake - Revue circa 2012 and 13 of course.
Rich - Last year's revue (of course!) But wait until you see this year's…
Hayds - Nothing can beat Queen Bey. 

What is your favourite rock/piece of art?
Jess - As it happens I do have one - Hanging Rock near Melbourne in Australia… There are also some excellent rocks in Sedona, Arizona. 
Jake - Ayers rock? Trying to think of other famous rocks
Rich - If its flat, smooth and the right size to skim across a lake, I'm interested. 
Hayds - This piece of mica schist Mr Utanga showed my 3rd form science class when we were studying geology / Black Square by Kazimir Malevich.

$50 in your pocket on a Friday, what would you do? 
Jess - Let's start at Orleans for some dinner then see if there's a show on uptown…
Jake - Sky City, put it on red, double it, then buy four tickets to the Professionals Revue (21,22, and 23 October). 
Rich - As tempted as I would be to spend it, it's almost cricket season… and I'm still wearing the whites I wore in 4th form. 
Hayds - Buy as many cheap beers as possible, saving just enough for a taxi at least ¾ of the way home. 

How would you describe the arts and culture scene in Auckland?
Jess - Good things are happening, pretty proud to call Auckland home! 
Jake - Unexpected. There's a lot of awesome entertainment you don't even realise. Best value for money is $5 standup on a Monday at The Classic, watching first time comedians.
Rich - I'm pretty new to Auckland's arts/culture scene. But once you start looking for it, you'll be surprised at what you can find. 
Hayds - More vibrant than it first appears.