Jamie Patterson



Any hidden talents?

I put all of my talents on display

Role in The Revue?


Whats your favourite thing about being involved with the Revue so far?

The people are pretty dope. Also, the dope is pretty dope

Any wise words for Yo Pros interested in doing Revue next year?

Wise men speak because they have something to say, fools because they have to say something... also, I’m a fool

You have 50 in your pocket on a Friday night out where would you go?

To the atm to get more money. What kinda Friday night are you gonna have for $50? You can’t go out like “I’m gonna ball out tonight... to the value of $50!” That’s not balling, that’s barely golf balling. That’s like 4 expensive beers and you can’t even pay for parking. If all you have is $50 the only place you can afford to go is home... in an Uber... maybe one of the fancy Ubers.